Sunday, November 18, 2007

Barbara's Macaroni and Cheese

Barbara's Macaroni and Cheese
-Barbara Kinney

This mac and cheese is such a hit in the family. I love it because not only is it tasty, but it's super simple, too.

1 box (16 oz) pasta (I use rigatoni because I think it's the best on the planet)
1 jar spaghetti sauce (my stepmom uses Ragu, I use Hunt's in a jar 'cause I'm cheap that way)
1 package (2 cups) shredded shart cheddar
1 package (2 cups) shredded mozzerella

Cook the pasta. I undercook it a little so it doesn't get too mushy during the baking. Drain. Add the sauce and cheeses and mix it all together. I usually put this in a big aluminum casserole pan (the deep kind). Bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on if you want some of your pasta on top to have a little crunch or not.

It doesn't seem like a lot to me (we make a pound of spaghetti all the time for dinner and we just plow through it), but tonight one pan fed 4 adults and 8 kids. Guess that second pan I made for dinner will just have to be my lunch tomorrow. Life it tough that way.

Everyone loves this, even Josh, my non-cheese eater.

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s.j.simon said...

) did you know how cheese was invented? It wasnt necessity, it was an accident, read this